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Post & packing:  

Note:  From 1st November 2021 we will only ship books to the UK and Northern Ireland (shipping to Europe and the Rest of the World has, for the time being, become too expensive and too time consuming).  

For orders for one or two books  we use Royal Mail Second Class post and for orders for three or more books we use DHL 24 hour courier service.

We have not increased the price of any of our books for the last 12 years and up until now we have also offered free postage.  However,  postage costs have more or less tripled over that period and the cost of packaging materials has increased four-fold.  Similarly the production costs for printing and importing our books has increased enormously over the last 18 months (shipping costs from our printers in India, for example,  have increased almost ten-fold).  It now costs us over £4.00 to post every book we sell, and we can no longer absorb this cost. So, from 2nd November 2021 we are adding a £3 postage fee to each book ordered.  This will appear in your shopping basket at checkout.



About us

Folly Books is a small independent publisher based near Bath, specialising in social and industrial history, military history, industrial archaeology and the very best of local history.

Our aim is to publish highly informative, exceptionally well illustrated books in a standard format on a range of subjects that fall broadly under the heading of industrial archaeology. We also intend to republish important books within our general field that are no longer in print. Forthcoming publications will include a series of books on canals and inland waterways, books about railway architecture, signalboxes and signalling, along with more general books detailing the industrial monuments of specific regions.

The old adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is particularly relevant to the publishing of books on modern history, for in this field old photographs capture forever a past moment in time. It is our intention that in all our books the illustrations will be at least as important and as informative as the text.

Sample pages from The Fauld Disaster by Nick McCamley:

Pages from Nick Catford's Secret Underground London:

Pages from Nick Catford's book on Burlington: