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Stone to Build London

Portland's Legacy

by Gill Hackman

Hardback with dust jacket
320 pages, 250mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978 0 9564405 9 4
Price: £20.00 plus £3 for Tracked-48 Royal Mail postage to UK mainland addresses
Publication date: 17 October 2014





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The characteristic white gleam of the Portland stone used to
construct many of London’s most iconic buildings impresses
both visitors to the Capital and those who live and work there.
Some know vaguely that the stone comes from a rugged, bleak
and quirky island projecting into the English Channel from the
coast of Dorset, but few know anything of the colourful history of
Portland and its quarrymen, or of the industry that brought stone
from the island to build the city. That is the fascinating
and intricate story that this book unravels.

The book includes:
• An account of the stone industry on the Isle of Portland.
• How ‘time out of mind’ Portland stone came to London.
• The rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666.
• How the quarrymen of Portland met the demands of a
growing London.
• How London’s grand buildings reflected the importance
of the British Empire.
• The twentieth century and its good times and bad times.
• Portland - its environment and its future in the stone
• A gazetteer of buildings in London using Portland stone
and examples from around the world.
• Trails around Portland to see the remains of its industrial
• The geology of Portland stone.
• The history of stone quarrying.

Key Features:

The book tells the hitherto untold story of the relationship
between Portland and the prestigious buildings of London
which were built in the glory of the British Empire.
A beautifully produced, large format book containing newly
researched information.


1 Introduction
Part 1: Setting the scene
2 London, Portland and its stone
3 Time out of mind: Portland stone comes to London
Part 2: The Portland stone that came to London
4 1600-1666: Stone for the King
5 London calls: Rebuilding after the great fire of 1666
6 1700-1800: A growing London needs stone
7 1700-1800: How Portland met increased demands
8 1800-1847: Museums and London stone merchants
9 1847-1914: Grand buildings for the British Empire
10 1914-1945: Ups and downs
11 1945-2013 and beyond: new challenges, new horizons
12 Taking stock
Part 3: Following up
13 To see in London
14 To see on Portland
Appendix 1: Portland stone: Its geology and use as a building stone
Appendix 2: Quarrying through the ages
Appendix 3: Portland stone exports
Appendix 4: Examples of Portland stone outside London
Appendix 5: When the Kimberlins came to Portland